With an epic sense construct of melody, dynamics and power, C.O.P UK (Crimes of Passion) will hit your ears on October 23rd with “Kiss Of An Angel”, a 4-track/2 video EP that refuses to leave your memory.

Produced by Sascha Paeth the Sheffield, England-forged quartet make their intentions clear from the first shimmering guitar of “My Blood”, it’s crisp, melodic metal sound placing C.O.P. UK in the same arena as Saxon, Megadeth and classic White Lion. “Kiss Of An Angel” showcases a soaring sense of balladic warmth which cascades into a slice of classic AOR rock radio, Saxon’s Biff Byford makes a guest appearance on the catchy yet thrash-riffy “Blackened Heart”, while “Blown Away” is a stadium rock classic in the making.

Dale Radcliffe (vocals), Charles Staton (guitar), Andrew Mewse (guitar), Henning Wanner (keys), Scott Jordan (bass) and Kevin Tonge (drums) grew up with the sounds of hometown heroes Def Leppard ringing in their ears, and fusing such influence with an insatiable appetite for performing, C.O.P. UK came together in 2005 and quickly established the type of schedule reserved for the elite. Honing their craft on club stages all over Europe, the band recorded their debut album, To Die For, in 2011 at Blind Guardian’s Twilight Hall Studios, Orion Studios in the UK before being completed at Helloween’s Tenerife studio.

It was during this spell that C.O.P.UK garnered major interest from some of modern metal’s founding fathers. Saxon’s Biff Byford personally invited them to tour Europe in May/June of 2011, touring with them again later that year, as well as appearing at metal festivals throughout the continent. 2012 saw C.O.P. UK’s ascent continue, with recognition from Metal Hammer magazine and further prestigious festival appearances such as the world famous Wacken Open Air and Bloodstock in the UK.

The latest steps in C.O.P.UK’s march to global recognition are a new deal with leading rock label UDR GmbH (Motörhead, Saxon, Europe), the forthcoming EP, and in early 2016 their latest album. Oh, and know one thing with C.O.P.UK; it's not a case of ‘if’ but when…

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