Dog eat Dog

They weren’t "Punk" but they had colored hair, a skateboard/snowboard on one hand and a beer on the other one.
They weren’t "Hardcore" but they toured with Biohazard, Madball and Agnostic Front.
They weren’t "Metal" but they teamed up with Ronnie James Dio.
They weren’t "Hip-Hop" but they released songs with RZA/Wu Tang Clan and Jam Master Jay/Run Dmc.
They weren't "Mainstream" but they won a MTV Video Award.

They are the "All Boro Kings".
They are "Dog Eat Dog".
25 years career, 5 studio albums and tons of packed shows all around the world.

Lets celebrate: No Fronts, Rocky, Expect the Unexpected, Isms and WHO'S THE KING!

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