Monster Magnet

Described as a "mind-expansion team" by The New York Times, New Jersey's MONSTER MAGNET is hands down one of the most explosive and exciting U.S. rock bands of the last two decades. The band will release its long-awaited new album "Mastermind" this October.

"It's a big, beefy ball of demented anthems and power rock," says MAGNET frontman Dave Wyndorf with enthusiasm. "The music itself is exaggerated and muscular. Like classic rock gone insane! Giant hooks, giant sounds. The rockers are direct and intense. The ballads, trippy and strange. It's guitar heaven."

And the lyrics? Dave laughs. "Well, the lyrics read like a fever-dream of life in the 21st century. Cynicism, optimism, satire, sex, deluded fantasies and dead-on reality. They're all here — sometimes even in the same song! In my world, images, information and emotions tend to intertwine. I'll describe the smallest details of my personal life in crazy, cinematic terms. When I write, the words play out in my mind like scenes from a movie and that's the vibe I tried to capture on "Mastermind" — rapid-fire emotion. What can I say? I'm having a weird life and I have to write it down that way."

MONSTER MAGNET formed in 1989; fusing a template born of metal, punk, space rock and psychedelic influences. The band soon developed a sludgy, feedback-heavy hard rock sound that helped them stand out from the era's burgeoning retro-rock movement. After signing with independent label Caroline Records in 1992, the band recorded its first full-length album: the very impressive, uniquely dark psychedelic masterpiece "Spine of God". A support tour with the then fast-rising Soundgarden helped attract the attention of A&M Records, who would issue MONSTER MAGNET's stellar major-label debut "Superjudge" in 1993.

With 1995's "Dopes to Infinity", MONSTER MAGNET would achieve interstellar overdrive, becoming international superstars. Recorded at The Magic Shop and Electric Lady Studios in New York, the album yielded the top-ten rock single "Negasonic Teenage Warhead", still a staple of the band's live set. The record's massively successful follow up — 1998's "Powertrip" — unleashed the singles "Powertrip", "Temple of Your Dreams", "See You In Hell", and the hugely successful "Space Lord", all of which received substantial rock radio airplay. Two years worth of world tours with the likes of Aerosmith, Metallica, Rob Zombie, and Marilyn Manson made MONSTER MAGNET a household name.

2004's "Monolithic Baby!" and 2007's "4-Way Diablo" were bridged with a break in time when Wyndorf overdosed on prescription drugs. After a successful battle with his personal demons, the artist returned stronger and more focused than ever and today, continues to play and make great rock and roll…

…Which brings us full circle to the impending record, "Mastermind". Saying that the album is a "return to form" would be a severe understatement. Songs such as the first single "Gods and Punks" and "100 Million Miles" are among the catchiest and heaviest hitting tracks in MONSTER MAGNET's storied catalog. Or to let the frontman succinctly sum it up:

"In the end, "Mastermind" ROCKS, and that's what's most important."

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